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  • How can The Bank of London Client API help my business?

    Whatever your use case, from simple bulk and repeat payment automation through to a full embedded banking proposition, our API has you covered.

    Easy to integrate and program with, developers will be up and running in minutes, enabling direct access to your accounts and payment functionality.

    The API enables account creation, management and query through to payment setup and initiation, transaction search and analytics queries. API access enjoys the same benefit as your regular Bank of London accounts, including full FSCS protection.

  • How can I access The Bank of London Client API?

    API access to your accounts comes as standard with The Bank of London. Access it quickly by following these simple steps

    1. Sign up to our Developer Studio and immediately start creating your applications using our sandbox and API documentation.

      • To try our Developer Studio, click here.

      • To view our our API documentation, click here.

    2. Become a client by completing our onboarding process and opening a bank account. Get Started.

    3. Link your bank accounts to your applications in the Developer Studio - click here.

  • Access account information

    Take control of your data with The Bank of London API. The account API offers real-time access to account data, on demand.

    The API’s scope covers your own accounts and any virtual or real sub accounts created on behalf of your customers, all accessible with a simple and quick API query.

    Data returned on the API includes: current balance, account holder's name, account type, and additional information associated with the account.

    Our always-on 24/7 real-time platform eliminates stale data, allowing application developers to take full control of user experiences without relying on legacy data restrictions or processing outages.

  • How can I retrieve transaction history?

    The API offers fully available transaction history queries, sorted and filtered with smart search criteria.

    You can access a detailed list of transactions associated the full range of your accounts and sub accounts. This includes information such as transaction dates, transaction types (e.g., deposits, withdrawals), transaction amounts, and any relevant descriptions.

    This transaction history data can be used to generate comprehensive financial reports, enabling you to track and analyse finances within your application.

  • How do I make payments and transfers?

    The API offers a full featured payment initiation capability. All your payment setup needs are catered for, across multiple payment schemes. This includes the ability to set up single or multiple payments, on an immediate, future dated or scheduled basis.

    API access allows developers to programmatically initiate payments, across the full spectrum of use cases from simple month-end payment runs to sophisticated pooling and sweeping. Embedded finance use cases are dealt with, the full suite of payments can be initiated on behalf of end customers utilising sub accounts.

    Our API ensures transactions are processed accurately and efficiently, adhering to industry standards and security best practices.

    With our fully real-time 24/7 platform you are only restricted by the features of the underlying national payment schemes.

  • How secure is The Bank of London Client API?

    Your security is our business. We use best-in-class technologies to protect the API and your data. FIPS 140-3 compliant encryption protocols secure data transmission, ensuring sensitive information remains protected.

    Additionally, we follow industry best practices for authentication and access control, implementing token-based authentication mechanisms to ensure only authorised requests are processed.

    We use strong controls for production access to the API, including contacting and verifying designated account owners to ensure API usage is authorised and controlled.

  • What resources are available to help developers integrate The Bank of London Client API?

    The Developer Studio has all you need to integrate to the API, link your accounts and build your applications.

    Our documentation includes detailed API reference guides, code examples in key programming languages with explanations of our API endpoints and functionalities.

    It’s all there, integration takes minutes, get started today.

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